I have a master’s degree in nursing and healthcare leadership. I have over 39 years of acute and complex care of patients in a variety of ICUs along with mid-level and upper-level management. I have even been an Assistant Professor of Nursing. Patient intake and education along with patient advocacy is a major component of nursing. I will utilize these skills to help you create a path through the current healthcare system.

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Independent Patient/Client Advocates

  As an independent, professional health and patient advocate I work directly for my patients/clients, their families and caregivers.  Although there are other types of advocates who work through an intermediary such as a hospital, insurer or other person or organization, they may have conflicting interests.  As an independent advocate, my interest is always 100% in the best interest of my clients.  

We do the work so you do not have to

 We engage other advocates when needed to provide the best expertise and experience for our clients  


 We do the research and work to alleviate your stress and concerns.


"Health Journey"


August 23, 2019

My name is Betty and during the last year I’ve had major health issues.  My treatment meant several new doctors, lots of medical tests, new medications, and months of physical therapy.  TJ Land has been instrumental in helping me navigate this new normal.  She attends doctor appointments, asks questions, and reviews what I’ve learned.  She carefully researches new medications making sure I understand directions and possible side effects.  TJ has also accompanied me to tests and hours of physical therapy.

TJ is a truly knowledgeable and caring partner.  She is a key player in my continuing health journey.  If your present medical care leaves you with more questions than answers, then TJ Land is the professional you need.    

Betty C.  8/23/19

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