Your Path through the Maze of Healthcare

The Mission, Vision and Values


Mission: To assist clients in moving through the healthcare system with an understanding of what is occurring and why. 


To successfully guide clients and communities through their healthcare issues while building long term relationships.

Values:  To operate with the following guiding principles: Honesty, Integrity, Customer Service, Quality, Diversity, and Innovation.

Answer YES to just one of the following and you need an advocate!


Do you need to understand your doctors better during visits?

Are you confused by your medications?

Are you confused about your illnesses?

Are you overwhelmed by a recent or current hospitalization?

Are you a long distance from your loved ones?

Do you need outside help such as Meals on Wheels, Daytime assistance, transportation to your healthcare appointments?

A Nurse Who Cares


We act as a liaison between you and your providers, hospitals, and other resources. We have chosen this path and truly desire to assist you in creating a path to wellness. 

 Caring behaviors are actions concerned with the well-being of a patient/client, such as sensitivity, comforting, attentive listening, honesty, and nonjudgmental acceptance.